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Breakneck Elite


Brian Quilty

Hometown: Brick, NJ

Brian graduated from Rowan University in 2011, and though he ran 4 years there, most of his career highlights have occured after (other than achieving the rare 4 x All Team CTC in XC ). Brian has dropped 90 seconds off his 5k time and 3 minutes off his 10k time from college! Brian attributes his success to the help of coaches Jason Kilderry and Nick Desantis. 

Personal Records

800: 2:01.7

1500: 4:00.2

mile: 4:19.38

3k: 8:28

5k: 14:31

8k: 24:44

10k: 30:37

half marathon: 70:04

Eric Dubois

Hometown: Pittsgrove, NJ

Eric is a 2012 graduate of Rowan University, and has been coaching the Rowan distance team ever since. With his running experience, and his understanding of the sport, the Rowan team has improved tremendously over the years. Eric continues to compete competitively with Breakneck and is always ready to drop a fast time when the team needs it.

Personal Records
800: 1:56.6
1500: 3:53.3
Mile: 4:14
5k: 14:31
8k: 24:50
10k: 30:50


Jihad Jasper

Hometown: Plainfield, NJ

Jihad graduated from Widener University in 2015. His best year running came in 2015-2016 and he joined the Breakneck crew in the summer of 2016. Jihad was mostly a middle distance runner, but due to some health issues, was forced to become a hybrid 400/800 runner. Running is his stress reliever and wouldn't trade it for the world. When he's not running you can catch him eating some hot wings!

Personal Records
400: 52.7

800: 1:55

1500: 4:00

mile: 4:26

3k: 9:00
5k: 15:42

8k: 26:10
10k(xc): 34:19

Pat McCurry

Hometown: Waterford, NJ

Pat graduated from Gloucester County College in 2014 and Rowan University in 2016. In his time at Gloucester County he captured multiple individual titles in the 1500m all the way to 5000m. At Rowan, he competed in the 2015 NCAA steeplechase and also captured the ECAC and NJAC conference titles. 

Personal Records

800: 1:53

1500: 3:54

mile: 4:17

3k steeplechase: 9:11

5k: 15:07

8K(xc): 25:16

Jesse .jpg

Jesse Spector

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ

Jesse, a 2015 graduate of Rowan University, is a man not to be underestimated. Though a friendly person, when its time to race, he transforms. What was formerly a good mannered, polite, and understanding citizen turns into a savage, no mercy competitor. They say if you stare directly into those blue eyes, you turn to stone. Jesse is an accountant by day.


Personal Records
1500: 4:02
3k: 8:51
10k(xc): 34:19

Michael Rivera

Hometown: Old Tappan, NJ

Michael Aurelio Rivera breathes inspiration into Breakneck. He may not be born with exceptionally raw talent, but fire burns deep in his heart. His fierce drive propels him forward to a faster and less chubby future.

Personal Records

800: 2:02.84

1500: 4:02.97

5k: 15:16

6k: 20:08

8K(xc): 26:00

10k: 33:21

Eric Thomas

Hometown: Medford Lakes, NJ

Eric Thomas is a force to be reckoned with. Born with zero talent, he exhibits hard work, a great attitude, and two first names. He has cultivated his craft for nearly two decades of running and now stands tall wearing goofy hats in the mountainous ultra-marathon scene. For him, it's not about what time you finish in, just as long as you finish.

Personal Records

1500: 4:16

mile: 4:34

5k: 16:04

10k(xc): 33:50 

marathon: 2:45:02

Will Smith

Hometown: Cranford, NJ

Will Smith is an American actor, producer, comedian, rapper and songwriter. In April 2007, Newsweek called him "the most powerful actor in Hollywood". Smith has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards, and has won four Grammy Awards. 

Personal Records

800: 1:58

mile: 4:21

5k(xc): 16:19

8K(xc): 26:58

10k(xc): 34:45

olympic distance triathlon: 2:41:00

Collin Frost

Hometown: Randolph, NJ

A recent graduate from Binghamton University, Collin is slow, dumb, and ugly.

Personal Records

1500: 3:53.35

3k: 8:13.78

5k: 14:36


Nick Desantis

Hometown: Blackwood, NJ

Nick Desantis is a man that wears many hats: husband, father, coach, athlete, son, teacher, engineer, organ donor...the list goes on and on. Yet somehow, he is able to balance all of these. A Breakneck veteran, Nick is no stranger to the NJ running scene. He has received many accolades over the years, and is known for his consistency. Count on Nick to show up race day and be ready to go, even if he's been training for a triathlon all year. 

Personal Records

1500: 4:09

3k: 8:53

5k: 15:17

8k: 25:00

10k: 32:29

100 mile: 26 hours

Nick Nocco

Hometown: Manahawkin, NJ

Nick is a graduate student over at Rowan University, having competed on their XC/TF teams all 4 years of his undergraduate studies, and now works alongside the team as a volunteer assistant coach. While a Rowan athlete, he competed in the 2017 NCAA Cross Country Championships and 2018 NCAA Indoor Track Championships, where he achieved All-American honors in the Distance Medley relay, and helped end TCNJ's 23-year reign as NJAC XC Champions. He continues to train under the guidance of coach Eric Dubois, and hopes to earn some new PR's while competing as a Breakneck athlete.

Personal Records

800: 1:56.9

1500: 4:03

mile: 4:18

3k: 8:50

3k steeplechase: 9:34

5k: 15:07

8k(xc): 25:38

Pat Donnelly

Hometown: Lansdale, PA

Graduate of La Salle College HS (2009) and Saint Joseph's University (2013). Head Coach of Bishop Eustace Boys XC, Asst. Coach of Boys and Girls T&F. Lifeguard with the Sea Isle City Beach Patrol. 

Personal Records

1500: 4:02

3k: 8:40

5k: 14:48

10k: 30:50

10 miles: 56:40

Jeff Bash

Hometown: Atco, NJ

Stemming from the mean streets of Atco, NJ, Jeff Bash has been a student of the sport and believer in consistent miles since graduating from Rutgers in 2014. Race after race, Jeff did not want just to get faster, he wanted to understand what it took to be faster, so he hit the books. After learning about the long lore that is distance running, he set out after some PRs in almost every event up to the half marathon. With a nose to the grind stone mentality, Jeff continually believes in improving himself and enjoys the sport day in and day out. In his own words, "I'm nowhere near my peak." One part confidence, two parts big ch***s. 

Personal Records

5k: 16:00

10k: 33:50

10 mile: 55:24

half marathon: 74:14

Marathon 2:40:43

Jeff Terebey

Hometown: Tabernacle, NJ

Jeff Terebey used to be an OK runner. Then he became a pretty decent cyclist, and actually won some races and what not. But now, he wants be not only a decent cyclist, but ALSO a decent runner, and he's about to find out that being a decent cyclist and a decent runner at the same time is a lot more DIFFICULT than it seems. A former runner at Rowan University (Class of 2011), Jeff served as an officer in the United States Navy for several years before choosing to return to the civilian world and pursue his MBA at North Carolina State University, following in the footsteps of the great Bruce Denton, and he now resides in Raleigh, NC, with his 5 bikes and 2013 Ford Mustang GT. 

Personal Records

800: 2:05

1500: 4:09

5k: 15:54

10k: 33:24

Rob Buzby

Hometown: Medford, NJ

Rob Buzby is a true hard worker and grinder. A rowan grad, Buzby has been running for Breakneck since he graduated in 2015. He continues to chase the dream every day and go for those PR's on the track. He also helps coach the Breakneck Emerging Elite at Rowan University.  

Personal Records

3k: 9:16

5k: 15:55

8k (xc): 26:56

10k: 32:46

Fitch Henry

Hometown: Sewell, NJ

Fitch is a 2019 graduate of Rowan University, ready to continue running fast for Breakneck post collegiately. 

Personal Records

1500: 3:53.85

3k: 8:29

5k: 14:51

8k(xc): 25:09

Shawn D'Andrea

Hometown: Blackwood, NJ

Shawn D'Andrea is Breakneck's strongest marathoner, but is also more than capable in the shorter distances. Shawn personifies the Breakneck runner: Someone who wants to continue getting faster and works hard each day, but also isn't afraid to have some fun. Expect Shawn to show up race day ready to run fast, regardless of what happened the night before.

Personal Records

mile: 4:31

5k: 15:46

8k (xc): 25:39

10k(xc): 32:25

half marathon: 71:26

marathon: 2:26:28


Jason "JB" Muermann

Hometown: Pitman, NJ

A Rowan grad and Pitman native, JB is looking to set some PR's in the 800 through the marathon. According to JB, "Under Coach Eric, anything is possible."

Personal Records

3k: 9:01

5k: 15:36

8k (xc): 25:40

10k: 32:46

10 miles: 55:54

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