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2019 USATF NJ XC Championships

Cross County has a special place in our heart. For the post collegiate runner, xc races are few and far between. That is why we love participating in the USATF NJ xc races, giving us an opportunity to compete as a team against other NJ teams on challenging courses. The drive up started in the early hours of Sunday morning, and we arrived to meet up with the rest of our crew. Some of us ran the race last year, so we knew what to expect from the course. After a nice warmup, we reconvened and prepared with our new uniforms(thanks to Pat McCurry), and headed to the start. Before we knew it, the race was off and we were running together as a pack. After the first 2 challenging miles, it was time to kick it in and get some headbones. With about a half mile to go, Quilty took the lead and pressed on to the finish line. After that Fitch, Dubois, and McCurry packed it up nicely for 4th, 5th, and 6th. To round out the scoring Shawn was next in 10th, and Mike was not far behind in 20th. For our 2nd year in a row we managed to win 26 to 49 over Garden State A!!! The last thing to do was take a picture with the legendary Buick Skylark to celebrate.

OPEN MEN Team Results(*=Scoring Member)
PLACE (#) TEAM                                     TOTAL
  1     BREAKNECK TRACK CLUB "A" OPEN MEN            26
1.Brian Quilty         Pitman,            29 M 7        U  643   15:45.27*
4.Fitch Henry          Pitman,            22 M 7        U  575   16:02.56*
5.Eric Dubois          Pitman,NJ          29 M 7        U  733   16:03.75*
6.Pat Mccurry          Waterford Works,   25 M 7           613   16:06.52*
10.Shawn D'andrea       Collingswood,     32 M 7           538   16:16.29*
20.Michael Rivera       Chatham,          32 M 7        U  653   17:12.32

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